St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Meeting on Ebola in Africa

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ebola_14_meeting1On 21 and 22 September 2014, a meeting was held at the Curia of the St Augustine, Africa Province in Accra, Ghana, to discuss the Ebola epidemic situation in Sierra Leone and Liberia, countries where the Order is present. Participants included:

On behalf of the General Curia

  • Bro Pascal AHODEGNON, General Counsellor charged with the Africa region
  • Bro André SENE, Secretary General
    On behalf of the provincial Curia of the Province of St Augustine
  • Bro Barthelemy KAMARA, Superior of the Province of St Augustine, Africa
  • Bro John OPPONG, First Counsellor of the Province of St Augustine, Africa
  • Bro Paulinus TOH KISAM, Provincial Secretary of the Province of St Augustine, Africa
  • Mr Valentine BRUKU, Chairman of the financial committee of the Province of St Augustine, Africa

On behalf of the Juan Ciudad foundation

  • Bro Jose Maria VIADERO, Executive Director of the foundation
  • Dr Guillermo VASQUEZ MATA an infectologist whose association has signed a memorandum of agreement with the foundation.

Main purpose of the tripartite meeting was to review the situation and identify courses of action responding to the needs of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Our centres in both countries have been seriously affected and even forced to close provisionally.

ebola_14_meeting.PNGDespite the difficult situation facing its mission in the two countries, the Order remains convinced that its presence must be maintained in order to continue providing assistance to populations which need its help more than ever.

The Order is, however, aware of the fact that it cannot go it alone. It needs the support and assistance of public authorities and local public services as well as the help of its partners.

With faith and confidence, we continue to put this harsh reality in the hands in the hands of the Lord, imploring His divine province to bring about a prompt solution to this epidemic and relieve, as soon as possible, the suffering of the populations concerned.


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