St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Canonical Visitation in Africa

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canonical visitation 2015.PNGBrother Jésus Etayo, the Superior General, arrived on October 4, 2015 in Cotonou to close the Canonical Visitation to the Africa Region conducted by Brother Pascal Ahodegnon, the fourth General Councillor responsible for the Region. He was accompanied by Brother Benigno Ramos, the third General Councillor responsible for the Pastoral Care of the Sick and Formation, together with Brother André Sène, the Secretary-General.

In this first phase, the Father General and those accompanying him were welcomed by the Vice Provincial Superior, Brother Boniface Sambieni, and Brother Pascal at the Vice Provincial Curia in Cotonou (Benin) which houses a service for providing oxygen and ozone treatment, called oxygen-ozone therapy. This service was inaugurated in 2013 and is proving very popular with patients.

The PG was able to visit the Vice Provincial Curia and the premises providing the oxygen-ozone therapy service, talking to the Vice-Provincial and the members of the service community.

The following day, he went to the Interprovincial Novitiate of Saint Richard Pampuri in Lomé (Togo) as the second stage in the visit, with the Brothers accompanying him for the official closure of the Canonical Visitation that had been performed by Brother Pascal Ahodegnon.

Closure of the canonical visitation Benin-Togo

The canonical visitation to the Benin Togo Vice-Province of Saint Richard Pampuri was concluded on September 7, 2015 in the meeting hall of the Mental Health centre at Agoè-Nyivé. Officiating at the closing ceremony was the Superior General, Brother Jesus ETAYO, accompanied by his councillor, Brother Benigno RAMOS and the Secretary General, Brother. André SENE.

There were 11 Brothers attending the closure including the members of the Vice-Provincial Definitory headed by Brother Boniface SAMBIENI, the community priors and the hospital managers.

The canonical visitations of the Vice Province between 7 and 26 September 2015, was animated by the General Councillor, Brother Pascal AHODEGNON. He visited all the communities and Apostolic Centres in the Vice Province. He also encouraged the Brothers the lay Co-workers taking part in the Order’s mission.

At the concluding ceremony, the Vice-Provincial and the Prior General gave addresses and followed by group work. Prior General urged the Brothers to remain witnesses to hospitality through their daily testimony of life, to promote the Pastoral Care of Vocations/Vocations Promotion and communion with the lay Co-workers.

At the end of the closing ceremony, there were meetings between the General Definitory and the Vice Provincial Definitory, and between the General Definitory and the formation community. Lastly, the Prior General and his Councillors attended the solemn profession of three Brothers at Afagnan, on Saturday, October 10, 2105.


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