St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Meeting of the Africa Regional Commission

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metting_2016In line with the new vision of collegial animation desired by the LXVIII General Chapter of the Order, three delegations of brothers from the General Curia and the two Provincial entities in Africa held a closed door meeting from 29 to 30 July, 2013 in Accra to reflect on the creation of a Regional Commission of Africa with the aim to promoting a synergy of actions between the provinces of Africa according to the resolutions and priorities of the LXVIII General Chapter. At this meeting were present:

Representatives from the General Curia,
Brother Pascal AHODEGNON
Brother André SENE
Representatives from the Saint Augustine Province of Africa
Brother Bartholomew KAMARA
Brother Michael M. KOROMA
Representatives from the Vice-Province of Saint Richard Pampuri
Brother Boniface SAMBIENI

Bro. Paulinus was also invited to the meeting, as he would soon be joining the Commission, as proposed and approved by CREA.

The meeting opened with a welcome address by Bro. Pascal who committed the needs of the region to our Lord through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady.

The meeting then moved on to the main points on the agenda.

  • Evaluation of February’s Regional Conference in Lomé: everyone expressed their appreciation of the organisation, the running and the substance of the Conference, and said that it was one of the best Conferences in the history of the region, because it had enabled everyone to address the issues regarding the life and mission of the Order calmly and looking ahead to the future.
  • Evaluation of the lines of action laid down by the Provincial and Vice Provincial Chapter, with particular reference to the life of the Brothers, the Communities and the Care Centres.
  • The work of the regional subcommissions.
  • Project management according to the recommendations of the Missions and International Cooperation Office and the other partners.

On 1 May, the Feast of Saint Richard Pampuri, the Novitiate welcomed the 13 novices from the Province of St Augustine (2), the Vice Province of Benin-Togo (6), the French Province (Madagascar – 2) and the Western European Province (Malawi – 3). That same day, Brother Henri, from the St Richard Pampuri Vice Province (Benin-Togo), made his simple profession.



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