St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Bro. Dominique Adokou

dominikDominique ADOKOU born at Vogan (TOGO), baptised on April 22, 2001 in the Parish Church of Saint Ferdinand de Vogan and confirmed on June 2, 2002 in the same Church. Speaking of my vocation I should like to recount the beginning of my conversion. Having taken my catechism classes I was animated by joy and the courage to go to catechism on the scheduled evenings and to attend Mass on Sundays. This is how I gradually cultivated my friendship with Christ.

It was during the celebration of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations in 2004, that I felt the need to consecrate myself to God after listening to a presentation by two Brothers of St John of God from Afagnan. This desire to consecrate myself to God only came about after I left a secondary school, when a Franciscan sister, whom I visited from time to time, asked me what I would do next. I told her that I wished to consecrate myself to God without really knowing what that meant. She directed me, by coincidence, to the Brothers at Afagnan. And that marked my beginning as an aspirant, which was a delicate period for me. For in this period I felt this motivation which remains unchanged to this day: “to cultivate friendship with Christ by serving all suffering people and my needy brothers and sisters, simply and joyfully.” This motivation is maturing and becoming more authentic every day as a result of my experiences in the Postulancy and the Novitiate and will continue throughout all the phases of my formation, by the grace of God and under the action of the Holy Spirit.   AMEN.