St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Bro. Morris Bendoe

morrisI had my vocation when I was a school-going-boy through the sisters of missionaries of charity(MC) sisters of mother Teresa of Calcuta.As a student ,I went every weekend and holidays assisting them compound with their domestic work.I assisted them in distributing food and other basics items for the sick lying in bed,by feeding and giving them bath for who are helpless.Assisting also on the medical team.I went with them on their out-station visit to the nearby village,giving medical care,among others to the poor and sick.

It is not that I enjoyed being with them,but the special attention they paid to the poor and sick and their community life inspired me.therefore upon completion of my high school,I one day made known to the superior my inspiration of becoming a religious.They tried link me to the missionaries of charity active brothers but this yielded no fruit.

Not giving up;they dicided and linked me to the hospitallers brothers of Saint John of God at the Saint Joseph Catholic hospital in Monrovia,Liberia.I was sent from Harper, diocese of cape Palmas to Monrovia by the sisters.Once introduced and presented to the superior Miguel Pajares at the Saint Joseph Catholic hospital,I began as an aspirant, and I later began the formation steps of the Hospitaller order;The postulancy 2010-2012 in Senegal,the novitiate 2012-2014,Lome Togo and the scholasticate, Nairobi Kenya.