St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Bro. Richard A. Kabia

richardI start discovering my vocation as a Catholic Christian after receiving the sacrament of confirmation in the Catholic Church. Above all my vocation all started in my family because my Parents are Catholic Christians, so with that they were able to grow me up according to the catholic faith.

I start discovering my Hospitaller vocation when I entered into the junior secondary School. I was having a Friend of my by the name of Christopher M.Kamara who was aspiring for the Brothers, so one day we were discussing and he told me, Man I will like to invite you in our aspirant meetings. So I made it as a point of duty to attend that particular meeting for the first time. That meeting helps me greatly to discover my vocation more and more .And I was asked by the Brother in charge at that time to write a letter of application for aspirance that was in 2004.I wrote my application and submitted it to the Brother in charge of vocation. My application was accepted and I started to attend their meetings fully, during the meetings they were able to explain to me some aspect of Saint John of God. I was able to grow more interest to join them because I really see that Saint John of God was doing the will of God by taking care of the Sick and the poor people.

I become more convinced and touched when I entered in to the Postulancy in Senegal, I spent two years there. After which I was admitted into the Novitiate in Togo, it was also two years that the novitiate lasted for. Through these stages of formation I was really able to learn many things about religious life and other aspects of the Hospitaller vocation. Entering in to the novitiate was for me a new motivation, in which I was able to deepen my vocation. I also encounter my vocation as a challenge because to be a religious is a sacrifice, as Saint John of God sacrifices himself at the age of eight he leave his family and went to Spain and within that period he encounter so many difficulties, but with the help of Prayers and hard works it was possible for him. Above all he was able to overcome all those limitations, and by the help of the Holy Spirit he started his mission of hospitality in Spain. With all the examples of Saint John of God, has motivated me greatly in discovering my vocation into the Hospitaller Order.

For me my vocation is really in a form of a challenge because the world of today is fully of many temptations, the only weapon to overcome such problems, is prayers and hard works. Another aspect of my vocation as a Scholastic now is that I have to let go this material world we are in today  and to be in the service of those who are in need such as the Sick and the Poor people as Saint John of God.

With all these challenges and encounters I put everything in the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, so that they may help to assist me to discover my vocation more and more. And to continue to remain as a Hospitaller Religions till the end. Amen. Vocation is a call which comes from God and so each an every one of us has to be ready to answer to his or her own call from God.