St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Bro. Terence Tati

1terenceOf my few years of experiencing the Hospitaller life as a Religious Brother in the religious family of the Hospitaller Order of St John of God, I have come to the understanding of the great gift of the Charism of Hospitality in the exercise of the mission of Christ in the church. My way of thinking has had a complete change when it comes to showing and practicing hospitality. I have come to understand that the charism of hospitality go far more beyond just welcoming someone and making him/her feel comfortable.

During my novitiate period, I made experiences in different communities. In these communities, I saw the zeal on the part of the Brothers, trying their possible best to make sure that those who come to the centers are treated with utmost dignity. That is, they don’t only see a sick or poor person who needs help, but they recognize a human person formed and fashion in the likeness of God who is suffering. In the suffering sick or poor, in his/her human form, they go beyond to see the suffering Christ. Because of this, the Brothers are ever ready to hearken to the voice of these; giving them not only the physical nor only the spiritual treatment, but a treatment that is complete, holistic: that is both physical and Spiritual. In addition to that, the ambiance of hospitality in the house too is not different. Maintaining the religious status of the house, they are always ready to attend with much attention on who so ever pays a visit.

Coming to the scholasticate, I see the continues ambiance of joy and openness on the part of showing hospitality. I will note here that in school, much is being said about the Brothers of St. John of God. Not negative things, but positive. Most of the students appreciate the spirit of openness, humility, welcoming, joy, and many others that the Brothers portray in school. These not only students say, but lecturers as well. They recognize the uniqueness of the charism of hospitality.

In a nutshell, it has been a joyful moment, a moment of feeling at home with my Brothers, an experience of true brotherly love and great affection for each other; though without exemptions of challenges which according to my view are part and parcel of the humanness in us.