St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Bro. Victor Naroumbo

1victor.pngI come from an animist and pagan family, and to the end of secondary school was brought up in animism and paganism.

Having suffered from eye problems since childhood, one of my sisters-in-law advised me to go to Tanguiéta for treatment. I took her advice and went to Tanguiéta.

The hospitality I received, and above all the environment in the hospital pavilions every evening between the patients and the postulants and their Master deeply affected me and made me want to become a Brother myself. With no more ado, I talked to various people and Brothers to find out about the hospital but also about the life of the Brothers who were comforting the sick. I found out what I needed and decided to go to Church and receive the sacraments, which was a sine qua non condition if I were to share the life of these compassionate Brothers.

And so my vocation derived from the wonderful welcome received and my satisfaction with the care given to me, but above all the brotherly and loving way these Brothers treated their sick guests.

Once the process was in motion, I was baptised and confirmed after four years of catechism, during which I was invited to spend my school holidays with the Brothers.

After doing my baccalaureat and receiving these sacraments they invited me to become a postulant. That adventure in Consecrated Life began in the year 2000.

A few important dates in my Religious formation :

My Postulancy: 2000-2002         My novitiate: 2002-2004      My Scholasticate: 2004-2011

During the Postulancy I was punished for disobeying the recommendations of my superiors with the result that I had to repeat the postulancy and my scheduled admission to the novitiate was cancelled.

My novitiate passed without encountering any particular difficulties.

The Scholasticate period for my professional training, faced other difficulties, and after one year studying medicine, which I failed, I had to change my profession which I found uo take, and it upset me terribly (my second setback). So what should I do? I had to obey, forgive and ask for forgiveness to heal myself and so I took a new professional training course.

With God’s help, and the assistance of our Lady and the support of a number of friends I finally put in safely in port, God be praised.

Today I am consecrated as a Brother of St John of God thanks to my determination, the forgiveness given and received and my perseverance granted thanks to my prayers.