St. Augustine Province of Africa

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

The Order’s Values

HOSPITALITY is our core value, as embodied and expressed in the four guiding values of quality, respect, responsibility and spirituality.

QUALITY. Excellence, professionalism, holistic care, awareness of new needs, model of union with our Co-workers, model of St John of God type care, welcoming architecture and furnishings, collaboration with third parties.

RESPECT. Respect for the other, humanization, human dimension, mutual responsibility towards Co-workers and Brothers, understanding, holistic vision, promotion of social justice, civil and human rights, involvement of relatives.

RESPONSIBILITY. Fidelity to the ideals of St John of God and the Order, ethics (bioethics, social ethics, management ethics) protection of the environment, social responsibility (for Europeans: the European Union), sustainability, justice, fair distribution of our resources.

SPIRITUALITY. Pastoral service, evangelization, offering spiritual care to those of other religions, ecumenism, collaboration with parishes, dioceses, other confessions.